Stormwater Pit Cleaning Responsibility

When it comes to stormwater pits, blockages can be caused frequently by things as simple as too many twigs or leaves falling in one place and making it impossible for the drainage system to continue doing its job. Stormwater pit cleaning should be done frequently to prevent these blockages and keep the water flowing clearly. But then comes this question: whose responsibility is it to keep the pits clean? You're a homeowner, but does that mean that you are responsible for everything? Or should the city also take care of the drains? This article breaks down the responsibilities when it comes to the drains' sanitation and cleaning responsibilities.

LPD There are places near your home that are referred to as legal points of discharge. These locations are guided and cared for by the authorities designated. Any blockages or problems that happen at the legal point of discharge are under the responsibility of the authorities in charge. If you notice a problem at the LPD or a problem that is affecting your property but did not originate on your property, you should contact the authorities in charge of the LPD. You are responsible for making sure that your water is draining properly to the LPD. Homeowners must make sure that the water is not being blocked, and any cleaning service for those stormwater pits is under your responsibility.

Property Structures Sometimes you can stop blockage before it even begins. By planning your property, you can have sufficient room for pipes. Property structures such as a shed should be approved by the city before you build them. If you build them in certain location, you could damage water pipes that you did not even know were under the ground. That is why checking with contractors and the local laws in your area can help make sure that you are constructing legally. Trees are one of the major blockages for stormwater pits, because their roots often grow and end up puncturing a hole in the pits or simply blocking correct flow. Any of these problems is your responsibility.

Authority Access Authorities have the right to access and assess your pits and drains whenever they like or if they suspect a problem on your end. You must provide access to them whenever they wish to make an inspection. Even if the problem is under your property before it has reached the LPD, it is your responsibility to fix. Having your stormwater pits regularly cleaned will help prevent damage in the future or when the authorities come to check on your pits.

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