When to Meet With an Urban Planner Before Developing Real Estate

Oftentimes a developer may buy a large plot of real estate with the intent of creating a new subdivision or large complex of some sort. Before doing that, it can be good to meet with an urban or town planner, a professional who specialises in the development and use of land in particular. There are some times when it's especially good to use their expertise before making any plans for your development.

1. Cultural heritage development

An urban planner can assist with preserving any landmark, building or other structure that may have cultural or historical significance. They can note the best way to develop land and real estate around that structure so as to preserve its integrity, view of the structure and consider other key factors. They may also work with the local jurisdiction to get funding for preserving such structures and landmarks. This may include compiling a historic register to show the significance of such a structure and how it would be maintained within your planned development.

2. Needed renewal

When a developer buys an area of real estate, it may not be a 'blank slate' that they can easily develop. It may be an area that is in need of renewal before it can sustain new construction. Urban planning can mean getting ready for regeneration of a natural area, including the best ways of preserving the environment while removing unwanted and invasive vegetation and even wildlife. They may assist with planning the best way to remove or repair and restore roads in and out of such an area and assist with the best way of removing structures that are already present, all without disturbing the ground or causing damage to the environment.

3. Transportation

With any new development, you need to consider how tenants or occupants would easily access the area, and this includes their expected commute to nearby office complexes, manufacturing facilities, universities, airports and the like. An urban planner can assist by working with the local jurisdiction to expand bus lines and other means of public transportation that are in the area. They can also note the best way to design roads and entry points to your development while still preserving the environment and appearance of the area. An urban planner can also assist if you want to create a built-in transit area along with your development, such as trolley cars, subways, and other such options.

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