Two Tips For Avoiding Allergens When Loading A Skip Bin

Thousands of Australians deal with seasonal allergies, but this does not mean that you can't tackle your garden cleaning list this year. As someone who needs to head outside and tidy up your gardens now that spring has arrived, you want to make the most of any skip bins you are going to hire for the cleanup. But you don't want to feel miserable while outside surrounded by pollen and other allergens. There are two things you can do to reduce the impact of allergens while you sort out your garden.

Hire a Low Side or Front-Opening Skip Bin

When you hire a high-sided skip bin, you need to lift the garden waste up high to get it over the side and into the bin. This means that the pollen in the plant waste can fall back onto your face and make your allergies flare up.

Instead, rent a low-sided skip bin so you can put your green matter in there without lifting it. Alternatively, hire a skip bin you can open up the front doors and walk into with your plant rubbish. This will help to reduce the amount of pollen raining down onto your face while you are loading the bin. Keep in mind though that if the bin gets too full and you're walking into it, allergens may become more concentrated and this could bother you more.

Wear a Face Mask

You have a filter in your air conditioner to trap allergens in your home, so wearing a face mask offers the same type of protection while you are outside. Face masks can be purchased from your local chemist and they should be put on before you head outside to work in the garden. For a face mask to effectively protect your nose and mouth from airborne allergens, it needs to form a seal around these areas. Therefore, if you are male and have a beard, you may need to consider trimming it for the mask to be really effective.

Face masks are adjustable to fit the face of the wearer, so take the time to try different masks before gardening so you make sure you have one that fits well. You will notice the area under the mask gets warm while you are wearing it, but this is a small inconvenience when compared to the havoc allergens cause.

Wearing a face mask while loading your rented skip bin means you reduce the chance of allergens playing havoc with your body during this task. This face mask could also help when you are walking into the skip bin to discard rubbish.

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