Septic Tank Safety Tips Homeowners Should Know

One component of any domestic sewage system is a septic tank into which all the wastewater from the home flows. This tank presents several safety hazards that you must be aware of in order to avoid you or a family member getting involved in a septic tank accident. This article discusses some safety tips that you should keep in mind.

Never Ignite A Flame Near The Septic Tank

Septic tanks contain many flammable gases such as methane gas. This gas can explode if it gets in contact with a flame. It is for this reason that you should never light a flame on or near the tank since the resulting explosion can cause a major fire that can hurt or even kill you.

Beware Of Infectious Diseases

If you ever find yourself having to open the septic tank in order to assess how full it is, take precautions to protect yourself from getting in contact with the sewage. This is because you risk getting infections like cholera from the pathogens that live in the sewage. Wear protective clothing like coveralls, as well as gloves and a gas mask so that no part of your body is exposed to the sewage. Immediately bag the clothes you have used in a plastic bag so that they are cleaned separately from your other laundry. This is to prevent cross-contamination of areas of your home that were not exposed to the sewage.

Work With A Companion

Work with a friend if you decide to inspect the septic tank yourself. Having a work buddy will increase "the eyes and ears" looking out for dangers like underground utility cables that you could mistake for tree roots and cut, resulting in being electrocuted. The friend can also quickly help you in case you slip and hurt yourself during the septic tank inspection. Remember to have breathing gear such as a SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus) so that you have sufficient oxygen when you are inside the septic tank.

Wastewater treatment systems play an important role in residences but care must be taken to avoid falling victim to the safety hazards that are inherent in those systems. Teach your family members to keep the above tips in mind at all times so that they remain safe. If safety becomes second nature to them, there will never be a sewage system-related accident in your family. It is advisable that you hire professionals like Econocycle to handle any work that needs to be done in your septic tank since they have the right skills and tool for that job.

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